13 January 2013

ponytail perfection

hillary clinton: 67th united states secretary of state and  scrunchie sinner

One of my pet peeves - and I admit, I have a few - is a beautifully made up woman with her hair tied up in an old, scraggy elastic band or god forbid, a scrunchie (gasp!).  On any given day, in any city in the civilised world you will see far too many women in beautifully tailored suits and a gorgeous pair of heels with their hair tied back as if they were about to scrub someone's toilet.  It's all I can do to stop myself grabbing Little Fashionista's Crayola safety scissors and hacking off the offending band and in the process giving the woman in question a quite drastic haircut. Unfortunately, for women who prefer long locks there have been limited options for effective but elegant and affordable solutions... until now!

Now, I know I did a bit of Mecca Cosmetica worship in my last post, but I am so excited about these simple little beauties, I felt it was worth the double-up.  Mecca has brought out a range of hair ties complete with metallic coated cuffs in gold, rose gold and silver.  What's more, they come in cute boxed gift-sets so you can help your more fashion-challenged friends polish their ponytails and create a sleek and sophisticated do!  Plus, at only $32.00 a set, they are a bit of a bargain.

mecca cosmetica ponytail perfector set

mecca cosmetica ponytail perfectors

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