8 January 2013

a little more naked

This summer I made the conscious choice to spend as many days as I could completely make-up free.  Now, this may not sound like a big deal to some of you, but those like me who have spent years hiding behind a mask of expensive imported cosmetics will understand how facing the big wide world sans 'enhancement' required some serious inner strength and courage.

I'm not sure exactly what brought on my decision to confront the world a bit more naked than I normally do. Perhaps it was a desire to lead a more authentic life of sorts - even if only for a few weeks, perhaps it was wanting to make the whole getting dressed process that little bit simpler and quicker, or perhaps it was the realisation that in 40+ degrees, whatever one slaps on is destined to be sweat off anyway.  Whatever the reason, this little experiment has helped me realise what is vital in my skincare routine.

I have narrowed the absolutely necessities down to four key items, all from one of my favourite places - Mecca Cosmetica.  For those who have not yet experienced Mecca - I highly recommend you do so.  The staff are amazingly knowledgeable about all skincare and cosmetic matters, there is a huge range of brands and products to choose from, and most importantly, because of the range of brands available staff can genuinely recommend what's best for you, your skin and your needs - they are not simply pushing the brand they work for.   

So, what four key items do I want with me on a desert island?

mecca cosmetica to save face spf 30+

dr dennis gross skincare all-in-one facial cleanser with toner

perricone md hypoallergenic firming eye cream

perricone md face finishing moisturizer

And if I was allowed to bring one more thing with me to the island...


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