21 January 2013

australia day

At the end of last year, like many of you, I received an invite to an end of year barbecue.  Now, with no dress code anywhere to be seen on the invite, and having never attended this particular annual event before, I assumed it was your traditional Australian summer attire - men in terrible shorts with way too many pockets, a faded Mambo t-shirt or two circa 1993, shiny polyester polo shirts proclaiming the wearers' sporting allegiances, Kmart thongs, Crocs, too tight singlets revealing bra straps and bulges - you know, the usual.  

I arrived at said event wearing what I thought was a rather swish kaftan top and a pair of wide leg summer pants.  Casual but elegant.  Perfect, right?  Wrong.  Entering the room became one of those moments you have nightmares about.  There was no DJ or music of any kind, and yet I swear I heard the screech of a record coming to an abrupt end as heads turned to stare.  It is entirely possible there was even a spotlight to highlight my shame.  You seen, unbeknownst to me the event was actually formal.  We are talking women in cocktail dresses and men in long pants and shirts with collars and cuffs.  We are talking wine glasses and silverware.

The question of in what kind of parallel universe are barbecues formal is only superseded by the question why wasn't this aberration of social convention printed on the invitation?  Or at the very least, why wasn't the new chic warned about this little oddity?  Needless to say, I have just added this wonderful episode to my ever growing list of humiliating moments.

Wanting to spare all others this kind of embarrassment, and with Australia Day - the official day of the barbecue in our great southern land - fast approaching, I thought I would put together a few possible looks to help get you through this patriotic season.

For those of you who have never been brave enough, I highly recommend a trip to Dangerfield.  It can be a bit intimidating to enter this little treasure trove for first time thanks to the ultra-cool vibe and salespeople with rainbow coloured hair, but it is worth it, especially if you're after something a bit quirky or pieces with a vintage edge.  As an added bonus, at the moment Dangerfield is having a minimum 50% off all sale items both online and in store.

I have always been a huge fan of the sun dress, particularly those with a nod to the 1950s.  I purchased this little beauty the other day and I can't wait to wear it with a pair of wedges.  Add a thick black belt around the waist and a pair of kitten heels and you're ready for a day at the office, and don't we all love clothes that do double duty.    

revival bells of st clements dress

Simple, easy but still totally gorgeous, this shift dress comes in two colourways - blue (see picture below) and green.  The little peter-pan collar is totally adorable and a perfect hemline means you shows just enough leg to be a tad flirty.  The lack of defined waistline also means those couple of extra beers will be kept firmly under wraps.  Keep in mind the fit of this one is much smaller, especially around the bust area.

revival sunday shift dress

I am not a huge playsuit/romper fan.  I firmly believe that they are pieces meant for the sandpit, not for grown up women, however I am aware that are those out there that love them.  So for those of you prepared to get fully undressed to sit on a toilet, this is a particularly cute romper, and it's on sale for $44 (originally $88).
revival rosella romper

There is heaps of 'Friends of Couture' items currently on sale at Dangerfield, so if your look is classic with a hint of quirky, check out what's currently available.  I love the nautical theme of this little knitted top.  Mix it with jeans, a cute pair of shorts or even a little flip skirt this Australia Day.

friends of couture manhattan beach rapture top

For those who feel the need to plaster themselves with the Australian flag this year, just promise me you'll avoid those classic t-shirts boldly proclaiming, "Love it or leave it" or anything equally as intellectually complex.  

Oh, and if the event you're holding this Australia Day is going to be formal one, put it on the bloody invitation.



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