16 August 2012

spring style

Like many of you, I am totally over winter.  So, while it may still be freezing out there, I am attempting to generate some inner-warmth by planning my next purchases.

For those lovely ladies wanting to add a bit of trend to their Spring look without taking out a second mortgage, consider purchasing one or two key vibrant, colourful items and teaming them with basic black or white to achieve a classic yet funky look.

lisa ho neon flower print pants
This Spring, the fashion gods also bring us the peplum dress.  Perfect for work, or even for the races, this structured style provides as instant put-together look - a blessing for us busy mums. As an added bonus the peplum gives you curves where you want them and often works to cover those less attractive regions - say 'Thank you fashion gods!'.  Team with a slim belt in a bright colour to give a black or white dress a bit of pop, and to draw attention to what will (hopefully!) be your smallest area.  No need to save this one for when the sun starts shining - a crisp white collared shirt underneath keeps this look tailored and elegant.

cue pleat peplum dress

Unique and colourful patterns are showing up everywhere - skirts, pants, jackets and shirts.  Find a lust-worthy pattern, but make sure the cut is flattering!  And if it isn't, put your visa card back in your purse and run.  The print might be gorgeous, but if the style fails to flatter put it back on the rack where it belongs.  Here are two looks I can't wait to try on.  Pray for me!
witchery monet digital denim print

lisa ho orchid print skirt

Remember, it may be cold out there, but it's warm and cosy at Chaddy!   

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