14 August 2012

alice in frames

Like many other young girls who had eyeglasses thrust upon them at some stage during their childhood, I spent my early adolescence hearing the poetic refrain, "Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" or the highly imaginative "Four Eyes!  Four Eyes!". 

For a while during my teen years I tried contact lenses. But ultimately in life we usually end up making choices that reflect who we really are.  And who I am is a chick who wears glasses.  So, my spectacles have become a part of who I am, how the world sees me, and perhaps most importantly, how I see myself. 

Today I would like to pay homage to that other chick who wears glasses, Alice Zaslavsky, or as she is more commonly known, Alice from Masterchef, or in some circles, that chick from Masterchef who wears those big glasses.

alice zaslavsky

Perhaps unknowingly Alice has told Australia that a woman who wears glasses can still look funky as hell.  She is not just bespectacled, she is brave and bold with her choice of frames, drawing attention to what can now undoubtedly be classified as a fashion accessory, possibly the ultimate fashion accessory.  Head into your local OPSM and you will encounter a wall of frames designed by the who's who of the fashion industry - Chanel, Prada, Burberry, YSL, Oroton, Ralph Lauren, Bulgari - and the list goes on.

This season Dolce & Gabbana has come out with the drool-worthy 50s inspired Matt-Silk collection in a gorgeous array of colours.

dolce & gabbana matt silk collection

My pick?  The turquoise. 

What about you Alice?

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