12 August 2012

jacket fever

There are few things in this world I am actively against.  I am against racism and prejudice of any sort, I am against bitchy girls who actively seek to make others feel bad about themselves and I am against men who assume looking after children is the exclusive domain of their wives or girlfriends.  However, I feel compelled to add to that list the following: grown women hiding under sloppy, pilling, shapeless knitwear.

Gazing out onto an increasingly sunny weekend morning I thought I would provide some alternatives to the cardigan you purchased from Country Road in 1998 and by now should really have found its way to a Salvos bin.

The tailored jacket is out and proud and I for one am thrilled!  Jackets and blazers provide women with shape and an air of elegance.  Team them with tailored pants, a full or A-line skirt or even a pair of jeans  and ankle boots for a smart casual look.  As an added bonus, these little miracles are truly trans-seasonal. On days you feel the chill, pop a fine piece of knitwear underneath and a beautiful scarf on top.  On warmer days, go casual with a simple singlet under your latest purchase.

Because most of us have the traditional black jacket hiding somewhere in our wardrobes, I thought I would bring you some alternatives: 

Thurley is a great brand for well-made, fashion forward items.  Classic tailoring with a twist thanks to fun patterns and edgy cuts.

thurley deco embroidered jacket

Those looking for classic black with a bit of a pop, you might enjoy Paul Smith's latest offering.
paul smith electric peony print tuxedo jacket

Budget conscience ladies here's one of my favourites for this season.  It comes in at the waist, providing wearers with an hourglass silhouette, even when left casually unbuttoned.  Retailing at $199, it also won't break the budget.

seed femme metallic stripe jacket
Finally, for those who want to invest in a piece likely to endure over a number of seasons, try a more casual take on the traditional suit jacket.  The grey marle colour will go with everything and you can funky it up with a scarf in the season's latest colourings.  Plus, at only $149.95, it's an absolute steal!

seed femme jersey blazer

Shove that horrid cardi in the bin, grab your wallet and a friend and head out to find your new jacket.  Trust me, it's worth it.

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