15 September 2012

fashion vs. style

I should have been focused on the runway.  There was so much to see - cobalt blues, graphic prints, embellishments.  But I have never been very good at doing what I am meant to do.  Here I was - first assignment as official blogger for Chadstone 2012 Spring/Summer season and I was more focused on those in my immediate surroundings than the lithe and perfectly coiffed beings floating down the runway in the latest fashions.

I guess for me fashion has always been about wearability.  So, while some six foot tall size two glamazon might look amazing in something, the stark reality is even if we purchase the identical items, most of us mere mortals will look vastly different than the walking mannequin being paraded before us.  So for the Cheeky Fashionista, while the Vogue Australia Runway Show presented some breathtaking creations, ever the pragmatist, I was more intrigued by what 'real people' were wearing.  This was revealed in spades at the Australian Designer Cocktail Party.  

Chadstone, Vogue Australia and Laurent-Perrier put together an outstanding 'do' - an elegant and classy club smack bang in the middle of a shopping centre complete with a DJ spinning the decks.  Gorgeous looking hors d'oeuvres, lovely Laurent-Perrier bubbly and of course, a smattering of Melbourne's beautiful people.

However amongst the beautiful people and the bubbly were also some who confused fashion with style. 

Now let me say straight away that I am certainly not the most attractive human being to ever walk the earth.  I am uber-short, too rounded in some areas, and not rounded enough in others.  My nose is too wide, my jaw too square and thanks to an often incomprehensible love of teaching, I lack the means to robe myself in the labels I covet.  But I do my best.  And most importantly, I don't kid myself.

Lycra mini-skirts might be in vogue, but I am acutely aware of the fact that thanks to short and relatively stubby legs if I chose to don one I would look less like Rachel Zoe and more like a slutty oompa loompa.  Likewise, while I adore the embellishments being used by designers like Sass & Bide and Manning Cartell this season, I need to be selective with my use of it to ensure I don't end up looking like something one should hang on their Christmas tree this December. 

That's why I love this little number:

sass & bide
Separates always appeal to me, because while I can't see myself stepping out in the full ensemble, one of the two pieces would certainly work as a way to update a classic other half.  The top half would work beautifully as a companion to an existing pair of black pants, skirt or even a pair of jeans.

Likewise, these gorgeous pieces from Thurley:


Either the shirt or the skirt could be worn to update a range of other items already sitting in your wardrobe. 

There was one dress that caught my eye and I have the distinct feeling this beauty would make me, and any other woman, feel like the fairytale princess most of us dream of being at one point or another.

adolfo dominguez
Adolfo Dominguez is a Spanish label that has been around since the 1970s and now has over 600 boutiques globally.  Its Chadstone store opened late in 2011.  Complete with the simple but sparkly Oroton mini clutch, this look embodies modern romance.

I view runways and the images designer bring us as something we should take inspiration from, not slavishly follow.  Truly stylish individuals borrow from the latest looks, knowing what works for them and what doesn't.  Truly stylish individuals don't look like walking advertisements for a particular label, they advertise themselves and their own unique sense of style.

Truly stylish individuals know that looking like a slutty oompa loompa is never 'in'.

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