17 September 2012

5 reasons i love penny mccarthy

penny mccarthy, associate fashion editor vogue australia
I officially have a super-sized crush on Penny McCarthy, Associate Fashion Editor of Vogue Australia.  I should let you know that I develop crushes on random people quite easily and for no apparent reason, however in this case there are some pretty good reasons.

Reason one:

"Fashion doesn't have to be expensive to be fabulous." 

Sitting at the Vogue Australia Style Workshop at Chadstone the Fashion Capital yesterday,  I was acutely aware of my mortgage, kids' private school fees and all those other lovely little costs that relentlessly eat away at my savings account.  And so, I was totally thrilled to hear Ms McCarthy share these words of wisdom.  In fact, lots of what was on show were totally affordable ways of updating your wardrobe.

windsor smith pixie black/gold studs $159.95
Reason two:

"Tailoring is the backbone of your wardrobe."

I am a girl who likes her tailoring.  I am a firm believer that unless one has been blessed with the body of a supermodel, which unfortunately I have not (thanks mum and dad!) good tailoring is vital.  Tailoring can help give you shape and lend your outfit a touch of elegance.  This rule of thumb was clear in the 'City Luxe' trend on show.

portmans jacket, witchery skirt, coach bag
escada jacket, saba dress, clavin klein shoes, coach bag

arthur galan dress, portmans jacket, wittner shoes, cue bag, david lawrence cuff, diva necklace
 Reason three:

"When mixing prints, keep within the same colour palette."

You would have to be living in a cave to not be aware that prints are on trend this season.  However, despite the claim that there are no rules when it comes to fashion, the reality is, if you want to avoid looking like one of the Von Trapp children who has had their latest outfit made from hideous old curtains, BE CAREFUL.  The right use of prints can be amazing, gorgeous, inspiring.  The wrong use can cause onlookers to fall into an uncontrolable seizure.

country road pants, emporio armani shirt, wittner shoes, mimco bag
lisa ho jacket and pants, wittner shoes, coach bag, mimco bangle

witchery jacket, shirt and skirt, wittner shoes, coach bag
 Reason four:

"Break it up - put your own stamp on it."

Best. Advice. Ever.

Reason five:


Enough said.

armani exchange jacket, thurley pants, withery tank, mimco necklace and bag

thurley jacket and pant, witchery top, windsor smith shoes, max alex vnder head piece

thurley jacket and skirt, windsor smith shoes, mimco bag
thurley jacket and pants, emporio armani shirt, armani exchange necklace


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