19 February 2013

crimes of fashion

Recently a young woman asked my view on the growing trend of gym clothing as fashion.  You know, the whole Lorna Jane, lululemon being worn to places that are highly unlikely to stage a spontaneous Zumba class.

My view is this, if you are wearing an outfit more suited to attending a Pump class than visiting your grandparents, you should be heading towards a Pump class.  Anything else is simply the fashion equivalent of screaming to the world "CHECK ME OUT!!! I have the most amazing body ever!!!!"  Granted, this might actually be the case.  So, if you happen to possess a physique so divine you feel the world would be missing out by not getting a glimpse of it, then more power to you.  Feel free to get around in skimpy crop tops, a bare midriff and tight leggings.  Don't expect anyone to like you though.  As parents have been telling their children for centuries - no one likes a show off.

If however, as is more likely to be the case, you are a mere mortal with lumps and bumps like the rest of us, keep in mind that sometimes the kindest thing you can do is exercise a touch of modesty and cover the hell up.

Oh, and in no known universe are leggings pants.  End of story.

This post is dedicated to the beautiful Ellie G.

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