5 December 2012

tie me up

I vaguely remember the first time I watched Annie Hall.  I loved everything about Diane Keaton's character.  I loved her distinct way of speaking, her neurosis and of course, her style. 

Ties have long since been part of my wardrobe.  Nothing is cooler or sexier than a woman looking confident in a touch of androgynous wear.

Hollywood's history is littered with style icons who finished their outfits off with a necktie.  There are even those who were brave enough to go the full tuxedo, daring this patriarchal world to try and stop them.

audrey hepburn

marlene dietrich

Some of today's hottest Hollywood women have also displayed a penchant for the necktie.  Not surprisingly, we still see these classic accessories swung around the necks of those women known for their tendency to challenge traditional assumptions of female beauty.

gwen stefani

kristen stewart

leighton meester

I love the srength communicated by a woman in a necktie.  Wear with a crisp white shirt and team with jeans and a pair of brogues for a casual look, or team with a pencil skirt and a killer pair of heels for work.

My pick for the season?

rhodes and beckett navy with magenta pelican

So, while you're out shopping for the boy this Christma-kah, pick yourself up a little something Annie Hall would have worn. 

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